Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Is your oil separator not performing?

Regular servicing and maintenance of all process equipment is important.  Unfortunately oil separators are often 'at the end of the line' and can get overlooked and forgotten about - until they go wrong that is!  It is important that discharged liquid from an oil separator meets the local consent level in order to avoid contamination of the local environment.

Many separators get blocked up with debris and this can restrict flow and reduce performance of the units.  The internal coalescing, or other separation, media gets coated and contaminated with oil and this reduces the effectiveness of the separation process.

The following photos, from recent services, show before and after condition of coalescing media baskets as fitted in our Stetpack Separators.

Often the media can be cleaned in-situ although for optimum performance it is preferable to renew it.

This above photo shows part of the cleaned-out separator

Stetfield Separators offer a full servicing, clean-out and repair/refurbishment service for individual visits or on an annual service basis.  Please contact us for more details on 01326 375888.